About the Author

Joan A. Green, MA in Education, has been teaching since 1988 to present. She has been tutoring Eleven plus since 2002 and has had high successful pass rate. She is an expert in teaching reading. She has prepared this guide considering the vast experience gained in tutoring Eleven plus and conducting several parents meeting as well as observing parents and pupil’s engagement during the preparation process for this course of study (Eleven plus).

Why this book

This Eleven plus handbook is an essential guide for both parents and children. It has been specifically written to help parents and children to understand what the programme of study entails and to stimulate the thought process. This will help with decision-making.

Who is this book for?

The book is for parents who want to know what the 11+ journey really feels like and how to guarantee success:

· the benefit of preparing for this specific examination

· the subjects that are covered with a few examples

· adjusting the mindset of both parents and children

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